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A Closer Look at Japan´s Love Hotels

Sooner or later, every teenager/young adult/adult who lives with their parents will encounter the following problem: where to have sex? It´s less than desirable to give in into this potentially extremely messy and scream inducing activity when all that is dividing you and  the rest of your family slurping Sunday chicken soup are badly isolated thin plaster walls and the annoying sounds coming from your family´s favorite Sunday TV program. But, before you recognize acoustics as enemy number one of your potentially great sex life, do take a break and consider – you are facing a problem of global dimensions, known also as a course “you shall find someone to do it with, but you shan´t know where to go!”

This aggravating predicament is forcing the young ones to be creative, which as a result have them engaging into a variety of second-picked solutions or, shall I say, locations. But, even though cars, back streets , public toilets, parks and departments chains´ changing rooms do offer some perks to the task at hand (pun not intended), they will never take over the supremacy of  that plain semi-dysfunctional sofa in your living room.

Now, since the individuals obviously could not do anything to make this aggravating problem more bearable, and their creativity concerning finding alternative sex locations was sooner or later bound to hit the wall, the new approach to the problematic was needed. And it came from the glorious nation of Japan, who recognized how wide spread this phenomenon was and made a money-making industry out of it.  Let me visualize this: unlike her Serbian peer, a 16-year-old Tokyo born Japanese girl have the option to sex it up with her boyfriend/girlfriend in an institution called Love Hotel.  Although they are sometimes used as prostitution meet-and-greet HQ in shadier parts of town, Japanese love hotels are exactly what their name implies: short-stay hotels who offer high-school & university students a place to do it for a song. The growing popularity of love hotels ( they are now to be found in practically every Japanese town) have influenced the scope of business – the clientele grew exponentially and comprises nowadays not only sex deprived youth, but married couples who live with relatives in ca. 20 qm, adulterers involved in extramarital affairs, and tourists. In most of the cases, there is no hotel staff, so the horny couple will have to pay their stay by using vending machine.  How charming, isn´t it? The ingenuity, however, does not stop here.  Customers can also choose among various rooms decorated according to different styles or sexual preferences. Doctor´s office, subway, S/M chambers and dungeons, Hello Kitty theme park – you name it, they´ve got it….

Now, what we need is a capable young entrepreneur  who would develop the business plan and tweak it a bit in order to adjust it to our regional  “tastes and preferences” (I would say, let´s lose the Hello Kitty room altogether and replace it with Shumadija Feestyle Sexing Dungeon). Anyone interested?

author: Nina Dusper